Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cancer Maidens - Insects of Sound

Cancer Maidens were a Palmerston North band from the mid-nineties featuring members of Earwigs Under Fire/Feast of Stephens and Ross Harkness from Foisemaster. Earwigs Under Fire and Feast of Stephens were pop bands with a sound not too far from the poppier Flying Nun records bands.

Ross had a reputation as being a lunatic and a huge vinyl fanatic. I once witnessed him getting stuck into a record clerk at one of Palmerston North's music shops, which was once called the Record Hunter, due to not being able to buy a Butthole Surfers vinyl. They were definitely an influence on the Cancer Maidens. Written in type on the CD are the immortal words "I wish this was a vinyl record".

The first song mentions fellow local bands ,State of Hate(due to drummer, Ham committing suicide) and Wholesale Drainage who may or may not have been important factors on the sound of the Cancer Maidens. James Bond author Ian Fleming also pays a couple of visits.

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