Friday, September 14, 2007

Kitsch/Cobra Khan/Strangers at Valve Sept 8 2007

Last weekend I went to see Auckland bands Kitsch and Cobra Khan at Valve in Wellington. Wellington band strangers played first and they were heavy hardcore. Due to the frontman's beard, vocal sound and intense stage presence I was reminded of Flying Nun band, SPUD.

Things got a little lighter when Cobra Khan played but not really as you can see in their first song of the night on the below video

Next up were Kitsch who play a poppy style of punk reminiscent of Blink182. Superclear vocals. Below is a video recording of one of the songs they played at Valve that night. I have no idea of any of their song names except I know one is called "Memories of Me". All in All, a very good night. It was worth missing the first All Blacks world cup game cause really who cares about rugby anyway?

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