Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Clear - Live Stomach

The previous incarnation of Palmerston North band, The Clear before the EP was an 80s band called Thin Red Line who released a number of vinyl 12 inch releases. Thin Red Line usually used a drum machine and their music often used elements of punk and jazz and the band's lyrical subject were often Maori, activist issues and Christianity. The band used both male and female vocals at differing times.

The band were a five or six piece when The Clear EP was released. They later became a trio and released the Live Stomach in 1990. The album was called Live Stomach not because it was a live album but because it was the first album recorded at Palmerston North's venue/practice space/music class area, The Stomach. Guitarist/vocalist, Dave White was the driving force in the Stomach's existence.

In the early days of the Stomach there were often jam sessions where anyone could turn up and play. I went along to one of the early ones around 89 and watched Dave and Boris who was later in Flamin' Werepigs play S.O.D. covers and the song I like To Fish which appears on this CD only release. It seems amazing thinking that was half my lifetime ago.

Kelvin from Brainless Child zine reviewed this album and wrote: The Clear, like the 3Ds have the ability to move form speed, distortion and grunge to more melodic guitar pop songs.
All 10 songs on this CD are good, stand out songs include Dinosaur, This Darkness and I like to Fish Overall this CD has a good atmosphere, probably something to do with the fact that it was recorded live in a stomach.

The Clear later became Lung when they were touring outside New Zealand because a few people had thought the Flying Nun records band The Clean were doing a reunion tour.

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