Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mark Kozelek SFBH, Wellington, July 31

Most disappointing international solo show I've been to. There were notes about requesting no cellphones, no talking and no taking photos. The audience was somewhat sparse yet consisted of a wide age rage (teens to late fifties and early 60's, at a guess).

Mark and his co-guitarist Phil spent what seemed like half of the time they were on stage tuning their guitars. I've only heard a couple of Red House Painters albums, II and Down Colorful Hill, and he played a few songs from both. No complaints about the quality of his material but I kept comparing his showmanship to Kristin Hersh and felt he'd rate a 30% to her 100. During my time at this show I felt I would have been better off home listening to a Red House Painters CD than seeing this show. Best moment was the encore as it was the only time that it was just Mark Kozelek with a guitar.

If you want a more worshipping fan review of the same show read the comments here.

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