Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jeff Dahl - Ultra Under (1991)

Jeff Dahl was at one time frontman for the Angry Samoans. If you don't know that band I suggest you get hip to the lights out way. He has released umpteen solo albums and in 1991 released Ultra Under which featured Dave Nazworthy from the Chemical People on drums and backing vocals and Jamie Pina from that same band on lead guitar on a couple of songs. Donita Sparks from L7 helps out on the song "Dirt". There is piano on this album and the start of "Chemical Eyeballs" is similar to Joe Jackson but Jeff rocks out harder than Joe ever will.

Ultra Under tracklist:

Touchy Touchy Baby
Cherry Bomb
Chemical Eyeballs
Just Amazin'
Junkies Deserve To Die
Pretty Blonde Hair
Elks Lodge Riot
You're A Drag
God Don't Care
Mick and Keith Killed Brian
Nobody Loved You

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