Sunday, November 2, 2008

Punkfest 2008 Wellington October 24, 25

Unlike last year where I managed to see most of the bands, I only made it to the night sessions of Punkfest this year. Unfortunately The Rocket Jocks who I was really looking forward to seeing played first and I ended up missing them completely. I walked in while Ois 2 Men were playing their final set of sloppy drunken oi.

Above Pic: Ois to men

Next up were all girl band, Cunt of The Cobra. They played hardcore and really I don't remember too much about them musically.

Above pic: Cunt of the Cobra

Next up were Dunedin three piece band Conniption who played dbeat type punk and were my favourite band of the night.

Below pic: Conniption

Above pic: Walrora

Next up were Australian all girl crust band Walrora, who I've probably described wrong so here's a video of them from that night.

Saturday night I managed to catch all of the bands. First up were Entrails who seemed to have improved even more since their Conquest for Death support.

Below pic: Entrails

Above pic: Curfew Girls

Next band up were Curfew Girls, made up of three girls and a guy, who played a poppy old school punk reminiscent of X with funk and new wave parts thrown in.

Coffee Rage were a band I was lookng forward to seeing and they didn't disappoint with their short, sharp hardcore.

Above pic: Coffee Rage

The Users then changed the pace of things with their country tinged rock. I heard at least one kid near me yell "Play some punk rock".

Above pic: The Users

Wellington hardcore band, Shortlived were great mainly due to the frontman's spastic energy although the whole band were really tight.

Above Pic: Shortlived

Australian band Vae Victis, who were possibly my favourite out of all of the bands started playing with no vocals sounds. They describe their sound on their myspace page as "Intro - D-Beat - Slow bit - D-Beat - End" but don't mention great female vocals. Here's a video from their punkfest 2008 set.

Punkfest seemed much more laidback and mellow this year. It could have been that last year was the first one I attended but the crowd didn't seem as nuts this year when the final bands played.

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