Tuesday, December 30, 2008


During my first year of living in Taiwan I was under the impression all the Taiwanese were interested musically was light pop and the closest of heavy metal, punk or even grunge anyone came to was listening to Bon Jovi. The first Taiwanese band I saw were a group that all had music stands to enable them to play a Bon Jovi song. Not until a few years later I'd discover there was an underground scene. A-yue aka Chang Chen-yue (and various other versions of romanised Chinese) was described as the Taiwanese Enimen but this had more to do with his dress sense than his music on this album which alternates between electronic rock, light pop and grunge.

His music was a lot better than the Mando and Canto-pop I continually heard blasted when Enimen and Bon Jovi weren't contributing to musical hell. The first song translates directly into English as 'Fart' but is entitled 'Bullshit' which is a more accurate title. )0204 is about calling the phone sex lines that are advertised on late night Taiwanese TV. This album of course comes with an explicit lyrics warning and some A-yue songs are banned in China and Singapore. If I remember correctly gounanren translates literally into dog man woman which is Taiwanese slang for Bitch. So this isn't just a bunch of soppy love songs. I wore out my first copy of this album within two years.

You got the fucking trouble.

hoa bu hoa?

The video below is for "gou nan nu"

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