Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Baseball Furies - Throw them to the lions, 2009

[Big Neck Records]

“Warriors, come out and play”. If you didn’t know, Baseball Furies take their name from one of the gangs featured in the movie, “The Warriors”. The album title “Throw them to the Lions” is indicative of a bold move from the band. Punk scenesters are likely yelling sellout accusations at this band’s shift from the confines of punk towards a straighter rock approach. These people can’t resist calling people boring when they happen to tastes that differ from their own whilst chanting a zealous group mantra about their unique personal individualism. If those stone throwers looked deeper they’d find that under the threatening sharp rock edge of“Throw them to the Lions” , smatterings of ]The Stooges and Fugazi waiting to be discovered.

Hauling you in faster than a lifelong fisherman spinning in a herring, the rhythm section intro to “ Are You Good Enough to Point Your Gun At Me?” catches a listener off-guard with innovative tapping of the sides of the .drums. There’s an air of Velvet Underground carcasses wafting out of the crematorium and burning through “Too Good For Tomorrow”. Were Hoodoo Gurus ever looking for a power pop rival, it should be mandatory for them to hear “Want You to Know” though they’d still swear it was a band originating from the smallest continent. The Baseball Furies pick and mix whilst keeping their own voice intact. Betting on this team pays out high dividends.


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