Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hookhands - The Dead Hate the Living

Years ago I remember reading a review of a local speed metal bands demo in a professional looking thrash fanzine and the review stated that punks who took to thrash metal had no genuine feel for it and gave the metal band a great review. Years later, the band shed metal from their music and became a straight rock band, but that’s a whole different story.

Massachussets band, Hookhands have their feet firmly placed in thrash metal although there is a definite hardcore/punk influence running throughout all their songs. The hardcore influence comes across in songs that never outstay their welcome with an average time of two minutes. In places these guys remind me of Jesus Fucking Christ due, in part, to the singer’s puking razor blade vocals and their overlap of punk and metal. Lyrically Hookhands’ favour horror themes.

Often Hookhands’ more metallic sound comes through strongly and with the guitaring on tracks like “Hookhands” it’s clear that there’s a love for the likes of Kreator, Exodus and many other thrash bands who started their careers in the 80’s. It's easy to sense that the drummer really means business whether he’s pounding the kit frantically as required for this type of music or filling during the bands slower parts. These guys are a tight unit.

I look forward to hearing further releases from Hookhands. As their name suggests their hands tear it up.


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