Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pseudo Heroes

With Down By Law rating highly, here's a band that sounds a lot like them due largely to the singer's voice and the fact that Pseudo Heroes feature the Sam guitarist as DBL.



In the news section a couple of bands, Gripper and The Dissociates that have featured in this blog have donated songs to help out with the natural and manmade disasters in Japan.

You can order the CD's here.

Greatest Hits

I was curious to see what was the most downloaded file here after going "strong" for a few years so here's a top ten list

10)Down By Law - Punkrockacademyfightsong
9) Smoking Popes - Born To Quit
8) Tilt - Play Cell
7) Articles of Faith - Core
6) Arcane - Destination Unknown
5) Leatherface - BBC Sessions
4) Number Girl - Sappukei
3) Dead Milkmen - Soul Rotation
2) Boss Hogg - Boss Hogg
1) Cows-Sorry In Pig Minor

The top two don't surprise me at all however there are a few eyebrow raisers there for me. The fact that a progressive speed metal band rated highly is weird to me and that Number Girl is so popular is puzzling to me as much like the Pixies who they're often compared but I find both mostly irritating rather than interesting. The Down by Law album was expected to rate higher.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

SLC Punk

If you've seen the movie SLC Punk, you'll know the mix of Mormons and punk rock ain't a good one and that the movie should have never been made. This album by Mohawked SLC punkers, Endless Struggle is very much of the same ilk. It's difficult to listen to the whole thing. I make it to about the fourth song before completely losing attention. I'd be interested to hear far you get so there's no denying that I am begging for comments from those with shorter and longer attention spans.

Can you make it til the end?.

High Priestess - High Priestess

Record Label: Ripple Music High Priestess are a recently new Los Angeles trio who play heavy psychedelic music. The band was formed...