Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bloggy Happenings

As always a number of things have happened in the music blog world. Bloggers have uploaded music and leeches have downloaded it often without acknowledging the bloggers effort even with a thank you. Joe Stumble from The Last Days of Man announced that his excellent blog had come to an end due to his life becoming busier with his move to New Zealand.

Aesop from Cosmic Hearse took a two monthe break due to touring with his bands but is back at full strength with interesting daily uploads.

Andrew Schimdt’s excellent New Zealand music blog, Mysterex just seemed to mysteriously disappear, as has Tim from the Dunedin hardcore band, FOE’s blog, Feardom and Noise. Foe’s demo can be grabbed here.

A blog I haven’t linked to but really should as I check it out regularly largely due to the writing is Cosmo Lee’s Metal Oriented Invisible Oranges. Cosmo has also announced that his blogging days are coming to an end but has written an excellent three-piece article on writing about music that all music bloggers and reviewers should read at least once. Check out it here, here and here.

Sean, who blogs Madblastsofchaos has put up NZ’s first speed metal band, Anigma’s tape on his new blog kiwiblastsofchaos. Another recommendation is checking out The Hasselhoff Experiment albums on Sam’s ratking blog.

I know it’s not music but I’ve recently become a reviewer for the NZ based DVD review site, dvdholocaust, which features weird and mainstream movies Despite a few past and near future posting breaks(don't go expectng much action here in June) have no intention of stopping this blog just yet.

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