Friday, June 3, 2011

High Time

Get off that grass. It's not the MC5. It's great rock in a slightly more polsihed format from the land of the rising sun. Now go get a haircut and a proper job.

Not the MC5, four guys from Japan.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Godmoney is asoundtrack that nearly sums up the nineties for me. I say nearly as there is no grunge. Stanford Prison System are for me the most interesting musically(although they do sound like 2 cents period Beowulf) because let's face it most of those Epitaph 90's bands wanted to be The Descendents and even they, as listening to their track on this comp proves, weren't that good then. Some of this stuff like Blink182 I could do without and so can you but, in the name of impurity, that shit's there.
I learnt not to judge a movie by its soundtrack when The Crow was continued. A movie theatre is an OK place to sleep. I have no desire to see Godmoney but this soundtrack is very good.

Can you dig it?

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