Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Winter Sounds - "Runner"

Winter seems to be a recurring theme round this place after reviewing Dot Dash’s “Winter Garden Light” album, the next on the pile is a band who go by the chilling moniker “The Winter Sounds”. It’s clearly just coincidence rather than satisfying a compulsory musical genre theme name , which is compulsory for hardcore and death metal and would probably see this particular band called XXWinter Youth SoundsXXX or Winter Death Sounds of Foetus.

It’s highly appropriate that “The Winter Sounds” were previously aligned with Dot Dash because both bands share a clear love of eighties music although “The Winter Sounds” are obviously fond of synthesiser bands. In the info package that was given to me, there are comparison to New Order and The Cure but on “Runner”, those comparisons really aren’t there as the band doesn’t possess the sound or the quirkiness of either. Listening to the album’s opener, “The Sun Also Rises”, the first band that came to mind was Ultravox, then The Comsat Angels and the title is a definite throwback to the Norwegian pop of A-ha. However there’s a joyful poppiness that is closer to Erasure though I’m willing to bet these guys own the lion’s share of Steve Lillywhite produced albums. However, here is a modern sound with a strong Muse influence which is especially obvious on “Young Love”, although it could be stated that the prog rockers wear their 80’s influences on their sleeves as much as or even more than “The Winter Sounds” do.

The fourteen year old version of myself would be all over this and wouldn’t care that it sounds like a whole lot of other bands beginning with ABC. The present grumpier version of myself thinks if you’ve sold off your eighties synth pop albums and really want to start again without hunting through bargain bins then “Runner” is likely a worthwhile re-starting place.


The Winter Sounds


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