Monday, November 19, 2012

Wall of Silents - Looking through Cadaver Eyes

Despite the croaky evil hobgoblin vocals of Jay Skeletor,Wall of Silents are not your typical death metal band with only brutality on their minds. The band persuade the listener to nod their heads by crossing genres and sub-genres taking in punk, doom, stoner rock, traditional metal and thrash metal often within a single song.

The production has been lifted a lot since the band sound on this second album is a lot clearer than the first (which was reviewed on this blog here. The guitar leads really shine. Skeletor's vocals are somewhere between still somewhere between Mille Petrozza snd Bill Steer. The anthemic "Badly Cut Amphetamine" was one of the highlights of the first release and here it gets a re-working with a stomping hard rock blues boogie intro before settling into a fuzzed out groove with a punkish sing a long with those tasty guitars leads coming into the fray. "Call of the Dead" is another head nodding highlight with a Motorheadrumbling slowing to let the guitar leads take over and then turning into the sort of thrashing that should come with a health warning that it could cause whiplash. " Drowning in Blood" is a thrasher that will inevitably be compared to Slayer partially due to a similar tune title but because of its full on aural assault. "The Lament Configuration" is a track that is carried by a slow beat and slicing buzzsaw guitar with Skeletor spitting anger over the top. "Stinkin' Hippies" is Hell fast and pinky. The speed and rhythm had me thinking of gbh. The album closer "Dead Kings will Rise"is the closest these guys come to traditional metal as it definitely has an Iron Maiden feel. There are a number of horror movies samples used and they definitely fit the downtuned tone of the musicic.

This album has been out a while( a few years) but I only managed to get to around to listening to it in the past couple of weeks. Both the band's full lengths are available for free from their bandcamp site. Get it and kill the silence with the Wall of Silents.

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