Thursday, February 6, 2014

Noumena - Death Walks With Me

Noumena are a Finnish death metal who contrast their dirty death dealing with symphonic female vocals.  The male vocals are of the death metal scooby-doo ilk.  It may be due to the symphonic influence but there's a clean sound that fights through paper bags and finds out way out in tracks like "Play Dead".  If it weren't for the male death metal vocals "Sleep" could pass for a ballad. The female vocals don't really work here as the  incongruous sound of the male vocals and the quietly lulling music is all that is needed for this track.  The title track is a fast burner and the duet between the two vocalists comes together perfectly.  Rockers will sink their teeth into "Let It Run Red" as much as diehard death metal fans with its effectively speedy but simple head nodding beat.

  "The Storm" originates with the calm female vocals that recall the likes of Clannad before a whirlwind of death metal torments and then without warning leaves.  This number is a typhoon. You know it's coming but have no idea what damage it will do or when it'll be calm enough to go outside again.  When the female and male vocals really come together for Noumena on tracks like "Nothing" the band's gothic tinge and metallic death leave no bad aftertaste.  "Only The Silent" punches with speedy death metal with undertones of classical guitar.

When Noumena get it right, they slay and fortunately these risk-takers get it right most of the time.  There's not a shred of doubt that this slab of music is some of the more innovative death metal out there.  The whole album is linked below on the band's bandcamp site so check it out for yourself!


Noumena's bandcamp site

Noumena on facebook

Small Takeover on facebook

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