Thursday, May 10, 2018

Within The Giant's Reach - In the Beginning

Record Label: Self-release

In the beginning, there was no God. So God created one. Within the Giant's Reach looked at and listened the last twenty years of metal. And they saw and heard that it was good. So, it is written.

On the first song on "In The Beginning, which is called "The Summit" the band combine a furious Slipknot rhythm with Phil Anselmo style vocals although towards the end of the song the vocalist takes a much more death metal direction. "Faceless" has a digital sound that isn't miles away from Japanese band, Mad Capsule Markets. There's a similar vibe of controlled chaos due to the drummer, Evan Parigi's timekeeping.

After the nu-metal opening,there's a stomping feeling to "Rise". The vocals are definitely used as an instrument in this track and it's an effect that works well for Within The Giant's reach as the drums and the vocals seem to play off each other. This is a track that will have nu-metal fans wetting themselves. Collapse/Rebuild contains the ferocity of early Korn although, for most of the track, the vocals of Norman Lucas head in a more death metal direction. When the semi-rapped part comes in, it's difficult not to think of Biohazard and their melding of hardcore, metal and rap.

This EP is recommended to fans of Coal Chamber, early Korn, Slipknot and other bands mentioned in this review(Pantera don't really count).


Release Date: 11 May 2018

Within The Giant's Reach on bandcamp

Within The Giant's Reach on bandcamp

Monday, May 7, 2018

Destroyer of Light - Hopeless

Record Label: Heavy Friends Records

After releasing their second album in 2017 which we reviewed here. Texan doom merchants Destroyer of Light have returned to the fold and have released a "Hopeless" two song EP. In this day and age, it's becoming more and more questionable as to what exactly constitutes an album, a single or an EP. The lines are undeniably blurred when you consider "Dopesmoker" by Sleep and " Mirror Reaper" by Bell Witch.

On "Hopeless" slow crushing riffs accompanied with clean vocals are the order of the day. This time the vocals of Steve Colca don't remind me quite as much of Ozzy and are more often reminiscent of former Candlemass vocalist Messiah Marcolin. These songs remind me mostly of Candlemass although Destroyer of Light often head towards a more fuzzed out sound. Check out half of this release in the video below and judge for yourselves.


Release Date: 11 May 2018

Destroyer of the Light on bandcamp

Destroyer of Light on Facebook

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