Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cage Demise Jolly Miller Bar Paraparaumu Saturday 25 August

I decided to check out this band against my better judgment. I don't really like death metal and just see the funny side of this sub-genre of metal. Cage Demise are a three piece death metal band from Palmerston North. Death metal bands don't smile or look like they're having a good time playing as chanelling zombies is serious business.

I'm fairly sure one song was introduced as 'Bleurrrrghhh' I said to the guy next me "Aren't all their songs?" His reply was "They're good aye? That's my boy on drums" I left before the band finished and wished I had gone to see the Stevie Ray Tribute Band playing closer to where I live. Cage Demise can be heard at the below website.

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