Friday, September 28, 2007

Black Market, Rocket Jocks and The Offbeats at Valve September 21st

This one was a good one. Just the right number of bands for an old fart like me. Two bands I hadn't seen before and one I'd seen a number of times. The Offbeats were the first band up and they played ska and got a crowd dancing. I don't know much about Ska outside of Madness, The Specials and Operation Ivy so I can't compare to them to anybody as they didn't sound like any of these bands. In fact, I've forgotten what they did sound like because I walked out halfway through their set in order to buy batteries.

Came back and caught the rocket jocks - who I've seen a few times now and they always put on a good show with their Ramones inspired pop-punk. I finally got a half-decent recording of them playing "Invasion of The Giant Ants" which is a personal favourite.
See video below.

Next up and headlining this show were The Black Market. The band obviously, from their name, are very influenced by The Clash and maybe Rancid(who I've always consider a Clash knock-off band rather than a band with any true talent).

The Black Market started with their song Walls which is my fave from their Myspace site Walls is below.

Then they got thrashier with Toowomba riot

My complaint would be they compared VB to Lion Red saying they both tasted like piss. VB is great beer and used to be cheap to buy. Why is it so expensive these days? Lion red is not great beer but used to be cheap to buy. (I haven't drank Lion Red for years and maybe, just maybe, it is now a great beer. I doubt it, though).

I've added a couple of links. I haven't got it totally sorted as kiwiblog is a political blog and lastdaysofmanonearth is a new wave/punk mp3 blog and both are listed as music blogs(I'm no techie). I recommend checking both blogs out.

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