Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fur Patrol and The have at Happy Bar in Wellington Oct 2007

I was told by a few people the show of the night was around the corner from this bar where The Mint Chicks were playing. However I'd never heard them and the admission price was off-putting. I have since heard them but there were better bands around doing the same thing in the seventies and eighties. Fur Patrol have been on my list of bands to see for quite some time.

Anyway I went to see Wanganui band, The Have due to enjoying a friend's CD as bourbon drinking music at his birthday party. The band play pretty much bluesy rock which is more enjoyable if you've had a lot to drink. They were OK but they were a support band and that's fine. Apart from the keyboard and bass player who rarely smiled or moved much, it appeared the band had a good time.

Above: The Have

Fur Patrol were the band I really wanted to see as I've had their album Pet almost since it was first released in 2000 but haven't really followed their newer material due to living in Asia. It was the first time I'd ever seen this band and I came out feeling like they were the best band I've ever seen which hasn't happened in a while.
In luck, a lot of bands I've seen in recent times they don't rely on playing really fast or loud, jumping around lots and are gimmick-free. Singer/guitar player, Julia Deans does look a little like Shirley Manson due to her red hair, blue jeans and high boots however Fur patrol sound like a cross between The Pretenders and the Throwing Muses. Both comparisons can be made due to Julia Deans' voice sounding similar to Chrissie Hinds(Pretenders) and Kirsten Hersh ex-Throwing Muses (who I'll be seeing live soon. The band played their hit song Lydia which is probably their best known but not their best. Rather than describe how they sounded I'll post a couple of live videos I made of the band's show though I think the bottom song sounds a lot like The Throwing Muses which is great by me.

Fur Patrol - Hidden Agenda

Fur patrol - ????? ( a new song)

Edit: I found this live concert on New Zealand's national radio. It's about 21 mins long and what I think are the better songs start at 7:35.

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