Thursday, November 29, 2007

Evance: Fucker! Fucker! Fucker! 7"

I can't find much English information about this Japanese hardcore band, Evance. A Youtube search turned up a Japanese Rolex TV advertisement featuring Brad Pitt and google turns up info about Evanescence.

This 2 track 1998 7" on the Fast Nail record label comes with not only Japanese lyrics but a separate insert sheet with English lyrics. Musically I'd say it falls somewhere between Japanese hardcore bands, GISM and Gauze The song Fucker towards the end features spoken female vocals. The English names of the other two songs are I wanna see the outside and Feel Pain?

The info below was provided by Kev Japan.

Evance were a great band. They split up quite a few years ago now. Kouki (guitarist) now plays in Warhead (another fantastic Japanese band) and lives in Osaka. Would also recommend the Evance/Jabara split 12" or the "False Peace" 7". Other members of Evance went on to play in the punkier-sounding Slowmotions.

Evance were a part of the "Burning Spirits" scene which is still going strong. Legendary Tokyo hardcore band Tetsu Arei first started the "Burning Spirits" tours 18 or 19 years ago and they would get a bunch of bands together and tour all over Japan. Some of the greats to feature on this tour are Death Side, Nightmare, Poison Arts, Bastard, Warhead, Judgement, Rocky and the Sweden, Order, Liberate, Paintbox, Extinct Government, Forward and even Melt Banana at one point. Due to serious and often very violent inter-band/fan feuds that created a rift between the Japakoa scene and the crusties, the hardcore scene in Japan remained quite segregated. About four years ago this division began to disappear thanks to the efforts of Framtid/Nightmare / Punk and Destroy Record's Shin Takayama who strived to encourage more diversity at shows in Osaka and gradually throughout the rest of Japan. A lot of the older trouble makers either settled down and had families, went to jail or died and with a younger, more open minded scene it continues to thrive today without violence or feuds. It is interesting to note that G.I.S.M and Gauze (two very well-known Tokyo bands the time) were seperate from both the Japakoa and crusty scenes and had their own thing going on. Burning Spirits have also brought over international bands to tour with such as Chaos UK, FUK, Disorder, Poison Idea and Tragedy and two years ago Forward and Warhead took the tour to the US where it was very well received.

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self destruct said...

the singer of evance now sings in crossface, whose releases can be found thru hg fact and elsewhere

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