Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Veils November 9 2007 San Francisco Bath House, Wellington

Near the last minute (Friday morning, really) I decided I wanted to see the Veils. I own no albums by them and my knowledge of their music was limited to their songs on their and a couple of songs I heard on National Radio's Saturday music show. I had previously thought I'd be able to get a ticket at the door but did a youtube the morning before they played and was amazed at how many hits their clips tend to get so I bought a ticket before they played which turned out to be just as well because there were no door sales.

First band up were The Lookie Loos from Hamilton. The played hooky type Brit-pop with a singer with an English accent to boot. A couple of their songs seemed heavily Beatles influenced. They played a solid set and I wouldn't turn the radio if one of their songs came on. I made a Lookie Loos Youtube Clip

The Veils were up next. I took a picture of their setlist which was on the sound desk.

Some of The Veils songs I'm familiar with remind me of Nick Cave but I found a lot of their live material reminded me of 90's Brit-pop band Suede. The band really impressed me live and their music is truly great.
Here's a youtube clip I made of The Veils playing The Tide That Left and Never Came Back at this show.

And Advice for Mothers To Be

Lead singer, Finn sat for their slower clips which can be evidenced in the photo below.

Definitely a band worth seeing live.

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