Saturday, February 2, 2008


Nazgul were a Wellington 80s punk band who featured members, Craig and Dave from Compos Mentis. Nazgul formed after Compos Mentis split and were around in 87/88. Nazgul released a 12 inch on Out of Order records which is as rare as hen's teeth. Out of Order also released a compilation which features a Nazgul song. The entire 7 inch can be heard here. After the split of the band, Michelle the singer became involved the biker scene. I also remember reading in Wellington punk fanzine Anti-System that the drummer traded in his drums to buy a Harley-Davidson.

Nazgul Bebo page(yes, that's right) is the place to hear most if not all of their songs . To my ears they sound like The Avengers and the excellent Texan band Signal Lost but that could just be due to the strong female vocals. I really wish I'd caught Nazgul live.


cultureshot66 said...

Hi Chris,
bit of a crack up that vid...they were so metal/hard rock. Craig was a nice guy i recall.
Ta for posting that up.

Did you get all those uploads?


Chris said...

Hey Greg,

Yeah, I haven't downloaded all the Snuff, Negazione or The Sound yet.

Thanks very much for all of them.

I have all roads lead to ausfahrt now.

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