Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Once upon a time Shihad were a band I'd pay to go to see. That seems like a lifetime ago. Their recent music makes me violenty ill and they haven't done an album I can listen all the way through since their 1995 album, Killjoy. I guess I'm no longer in their target audience since this band has a reputation for live shows I'd assume that's where they get a large percentage of their income and they've probably worked out that the regular show going audience is largely under 25 and tailored their music accordingly now playing nearly unlistenable(for me, anyway) arena rock. It appears that they've given up on getting on the cover of international heavy metal magazines and seem set on getting the cover of Men's fashion magazines like Details. Oh, well.

Anyway here is the B-sides album from '96. Like Everybody else later appeared on their album, The General Electric Songs are:

1) Prayer
2) Like Everybody Else
3) Boys Keep Swinging
4) N.I.L.
5) Silvercup (Tremolo mix)
6) Clapper Loader (Yee-haa mix)
7) Bring Your Friends

Get it
The flyer at the top of the post was sent to me by Shihad drummer, Tom Larkin when I was trying to get hold of their first demo tape way back when it was reviewed by Danish thrash metal fanzine Blackthorn.

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thank for shihad ;-)

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