Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sticky Filth Demo DVD

I managed to get my hands on a copy of the Sticky Filth demo DVD. It's mostly live clips of the New Plymouth punk band with the present line up of Craig Radford, Chris Snowden and Boot interspersed with slides of gig flyers plus newspaper articles/reviews. There is however a copy of the Weep Woman Weep video which was interesting to view again after all these years. It is amazing to think that the Weep Woman Weep LP came out twenty years ago and that the band have kept on going despite having at least four different drummers over the years.

Songs featured on this DVD are a good mix of the band's old and newer material with Dig You Up, Too Deep, The Burning, Vodka(an old single recently reviewed in mysterex blog), The Devil and Me, Scrap Metal Man, Jahbullheboosay, Yorkshire Ripper, Spartacus, Weep Woman Weep, Somethings Matter, Maybe a Lover and Astronaut.

There is an extra with two early versions of the band practising and I believe features the earliest line up with Colin Long. I'm told that there will be more live footage and an interview with Craig Radford added to the final product.

More details about the DVD can be had by emailing Alex:

For those that have never heard New Zealand's punk band Sticky Filth here is an NZ punk classic song 'Weep Woman Weep' in downloadable MP3 format.

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Chris, thanx for adding me to your links, I have done the same. Your links represent some of the best blogs out there, so adding my lowly random site is really cool. I am amazed by your site and the sheer amount of information you have here. Will be checking it out.

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