Thursday, March 6, 2008

Triple Six

Triple Six are a heavy metal band from Taiwan. They were once known as 666 or liu liu liu(which is Mandarin Chinese for six six six). Unlike the majority of Taiwan's punk bands who tend to write happy happy joy joy songs, Taiwanese metal bands often show a political awareness, the best example of this would be Freddy Lin, the vocalist from black metal Chthonic addressing the U.N. in person.
Triple Six have a song with the English name Self-Kill which criticizes Taiwanese president Chen Shui Ben for increasing ill feeling amongst Taiwan's ethnic communities.
I saw Triple Six play at Formoz 2006 in Taipei and was impressed. The band combine the sounds of Coal Chamber, White Zombie, rap, nu-metal, hardcore and thrash. There was a hilarious music video on youtube(which has now sadly been taken down) that showed a traditional Taiwanese wedding with the music of Triple Six.
Samples of Triple Six's music can be heard on their myspace page

here is Triple Six's Parasitic Fragility in You I had to delete tracks 3 and 4 as my CD player won't play them. Track 3, Extremism is the first song on the band's myspace page anyway. Nearly all of the band's lyrics are in Mandarin. English titles of the songs are:

1. Notation of the Devil
2. Finish
5. TimeLock
6. Parasitic Fragility in You
7. Self-Kill
8. Between Hell ‘n’ Heaven
9. Save Us All
10.No One

Top photo is Triple Six at Formoz 2006 taken by me.

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