Monday, March 24, 2008

UK Subs/Dead City Rockers/Bali Bombers Bar Mode March 20th 2008

Got to this one early and met and talked with Charlie Harper from the UK Subs who is a down to earth guy. The Bali Bombers impressed me again with their punk assault arsenal of loud guitar and great fast drumming. Unfortunately due to the size of Bar Mode and the usual lack of people at the venue the sound wasn't great. Here's a Youtube clip of The Bali Bombers

Up next where the Dead City Rockers who are Goat Fucking Nun Rapers alter-ego band or vice versa. They certainly like The Misfits a lot.

UK Subs came on and all the people waiting outside came in. Charlie Harper puts a lot of frontmen over half his age to shame. His years of experience shine through while he is on stage. Nicky Garrat's guitar playing was as faultless as entertaining and so were his flying scissorkick jumps. The drummer and bass player were great too. I don't really like Bar Mode as a venue as it is far too big for a lot of bands soundwise. It may have been better with a lot more people there. Only twenty tickets were pre-sold and roughly seventy people turned up.

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