Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Coffin Break - Thirteen

Coffin Break were a Seattle band who were signed to c/z records before signing to Epitaph. The band seemed to straddle the line between Seattle's grunge movement and Epitaph's pop-punk (think early 90s pop punk). Here some of the songs would comfortably fit on a number of grunge albums that were released in the early nineties. These are mostly the songs written by Peter Litwin however the other songwriter(Rob Skinner)'s songs sound similar to Cruz record band Big Drill Car. So it does sound like this is more than just one band. On a side note, I used to think Cruz records and c/z records were the same label and that all bands had the melodic punk sound. Various sites on the web suggest this band stayed true to their punk and hardcore roots but looking at the Epitaph records wikipedia and listening to some of this album suggests signing this band may have been their attempt at breaking into the grunge movement of the early nineties while keeping one foot in the pop punk camp that the label would later become renowned for. There is a cover of Black Sabbath's Hole in the Sky which fits in well with the grunge songs. Confused? Get it!


cultureshot66 said...

Did you go and see SLF? Whatdya think?

Chris said...

Hey Greg

No, I missed SLF due to it being mid-week here and only in Auckland and Christchurch. I know I probably should have gone as Hanx is my favourite live album and have heard good things about the shows.

Ploni said...

תודה רבה

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