Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Goops - The Goops

Another New York punk band that absolutely rocks. This four piece band is female fronted and once again I don't know too much about them but a google search reveals they have at least two albums and a song on the Mallrats soundtrack. The music is punk and there are shades of the punker Blondie and I'm also reminded of both Throwing Muses(particularly on the last song I am Legend) and Transvision Vamp at times.
Third song The Day I Met Iggy is classic punk rawk with its catchy chorus and autobiographical lyrics about not impressing Mr Pop.

This now defunct band have a myspace site where you can hear a couple of songs from their self titled album. There they state that their influences as The Ramones, Stiff Little Fingers, Iggy Pop, The Clash, Blondie, The Avengers, MC5, Radio Birdman and listening to the self titled album that does nail their sound and they cover MC5's City Slang on this album. It is also stated that their first album is as much rock as punk and the second one is more pop. Here's a youtube video of The Goops' song Booze Cabana

I Don't Care
The Day I Met Iggy
City Slang
Use No Hooks
Nobody Goes To Waste
Never Live It Down
Island Earth
Booze Cabana
I am Legend

Yes, I need it 72MB @ 256kbps

5 comments: - said...

Hot post! Few people seem to have heard of this outfit.. they were pretty damn cool, especially the song "Booze Cabana".

Greetings from London!

convertido said...

My buddy booked them to play in Dallas sometime in the mid 90s. They were a solid live band and their singer had a great confrontational style. You never forgot she was there and in control. Thanks for this an the numerous others I snatched from you.

Chris said...

Hi ponkmedia, Thanks for the comment.

Convertido, I got the impression just listening to this album they'd have been a great band to see live.


Ploni said...

dead link, please re up

Rafael Bernardes said...

dead link, please re up!!!!

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