Sunday, June 15, 2008

Assault City, Cyclotrode X, Disjecta Membra, Horror Story at Valve June 6

I arrived as Wellington band Assault City were playing. Cool new band who have something of an 80s punk sound and have three members who do seperate lead vocals. I didn't dig their last song, which I think they played twice, because it sounded like NOFX (who I can't stand).

Next up were New Plymouth's Cyclotrode X who worship at the altar of Glenn Danzig. Overall their sound is derived from his metal/hard rock period. Their drummer stood out as the best musician in the band. They had a couple of catchy sing-alongs with titles like Blood and All I want to do is fuck the dead. They kept mentioning they had downloadable songs on their myspace page.

Above pics: Cyclotrode X
Below pics: Disjecta Membra

They were then followed by Disjecta Membra who are a goth band who have knocking around since the late nineties. They were very good and at times seemed obviously influenced by Bauhaus and The Mission although one song sounded a little like Nick Cave or The Tindersticks. They made three guitarist line-up changes during their set.

I left before Horror Story played due to simply wanting sleep.

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