Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sloppy Seconds - More Trouble Than They're Worth

Sloppy Seconds are a band I've enjoyed for years. Their album Destroyed is a punk rock classic and the band are often compared to The Ramones but I'd consider Sloppy Seconds to be more interesting musically. The band coined the term junk rock to describe their sound which others have described as pop punk which aligns this band with The Buzzcocks, The Descendents and yes, the Ramones.

More Trouble Than they're worth was released in 1998 on Dexter Holland of The Offspring's Nitro record label but is now out of print. Lyrical subject matter cover sci-fi - The Queen From Outer Space and the Thing from Uranus, killing trendies, good looking girls with horrible taste in music, drinking, drive-in movie theatres, not being loved by Lesbians and pizza. Politically correct? Nah, nothing to do with politics at all.

Here's a youtube clip of their song Fifteen Minutes or it's free, which I've had to take off the album because my copy wouldn't play it. It's the weakest song anyway.

You really need to hear this album!

The band are supposed to have an album entitled Endless Bummer coming out this month. About time!

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cultureshot66 said...

Yep I love these guys- had the "first 7"rs" when it came out. In some ways i'm not completly sure they are being tongue in cheek or not, but who cares with tunes like those!
Cheer for posting it

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