Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cows - Sorry in Pig Minor

Cows are a recent discovery for me, I first heard of them and took notice when the Screams From The Gutter blog compared the now defunct Palmerston North band Lung to them, Chokebore and Flour. I picked up their last album "Sorry in Pig Minor" from Real Groovy's $1 bin without even seeing the band name.

The album title alone convinced me it was worth parting with one small measly dollar to own the c.d. and seeing it was an amphetamine reptile release sealed the deal. This CD opens with a spoken word piece that is reminisect of William Burroughs. Heck, cockroaches are mentioned and listening to this album it wouldn't be surprising if these guys had also tried getting high using bug powder. Noise pop would be the best description of the sound here as Cows have a number of tuneful pieces on this album but like Lung they effortlessly move from pop to noise sometimes within a song and at times are reminiscent of Flying Nun band The Skeptics and/or The Birthday Party's HeeHaw album.

Sorry in Pig Minor

Whorn [PA]


Mark said...

I love this album. The first song about the cockroach or mosquito or whatever is classic!

tenderloinstew said...

Pick up Cunning Stunts and Sexy Pee Story. Great stuff.

corntemplation said...

Yeah, great album, great blog, great bloke.

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