Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I don't have a clue what Slabneckery is. Some time of torture device, making out with your neighbour's brick fence or a collector of slab necked guitars? Whatever. As for the band's name, I have no idea what a Lushburger is. My personal definition is a fishburger with beetroot, lettuce, tomato and four battered fish inside covered in tartar sauce served to inebriated customers by hard working Asian immigrants in a late night fish and chip shop. This album was recorded in a studio in Wellington, New Zealand during 1993. The band's sound has been described as industrial, ambient and experimental. I find that it's closer to the Krautrock of Faust than the heavy industrial sound of 90's Ministry. There's some Flying Nun influence in the form of Skeptics and some of the quieter stuff at work here too.

Take a slab

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