Thursday, April 9, 2009

Metal Hammer Razor CD

Also in the same issue of Metal Hammer was a compilation that unlike Brutality 101included a write-up in the magazine.

Kicking it off is Deathstars. The band's album scores an 8/10 in the magazine's album review section but to me this track just sounds like Rammstein. Gothic metallers Lacuna Coil have a live track of with female vocals. It doesn't sound that heavy to me partially due to the female vocals. Unearth start with heavy as hell guitar leads and hardcore type shouted vocals. The leads come in and out within the track. The track's not too bad. The Exodus re-recorded track "Metal Command" follows with their brand of butt-kicking Bay Area thrash. Darkthrone's "Grizzly Trade" has a black metal crossed with Motorhead edge so is a great follow up.

Nevermore's track has an 80's Queensryche/Helloween feel largely due to the slightly operatic vocal approach. Edguy play a track that sounds like it could have come Helloween's "Keeper of the Keys" album. The first time I heard of this band was when they played while I was living in Asia. Pretty enjoyable power metal, I missed seeing them but probably would have enjoyed their live output. Sylosis have a vocalist that bring Heartwork era Carcass to mind. The music sounds near death metal but not quite as there's a fair amount of power metal in their mix.

Spylacopa start out sounding like a metalcore band but have some 30 Seconds to Mars type singing in between yelled parts. It didn't surprise me to find out members of The Dillinger Escape Plan are involved here. The Hollow Earth Theory are more of the same but have a more melodic approach. Firebrand Super Rock play ballsy Judas Priest influenced metal with female vocals nearly as strong Doro's heavier Warlock material. Green River Project have Alice Cooper vocals but the song really shows off the guitarwork of Mick Priestly. The Enforcer track "Black Angel" is fast metal and made me think of actually listening to the fairly forgettable Vicious Rumours "Digital Dictator" album for the second time in years.
Diamond Drive sound like Rock Radio fodder as does Six. The true test of a compilation is both whether the listener would seek full albums out and if it gets another listen. Out of all the artists on the disc I'd only seek out Exodus and Dark Throne albums if I was unfamiliar with them. I might play the Green River Project again but I'm not convinced enough to dig further.

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