Monday, May 4, 2009

The Cramps - A Date With Elvis

THE CRAMPS “A Date With Elvis”, 1986

“A Date with Elvis” is an inquisitive record. Three song titles beg answers for questions while rock and rolling along. “How Far Can Too Far Go?” is THE CRAMPS letting us know that they’re going to be the ones to find out and let us know. “What’s Inside a Girl?” showcase both the band’s psychobilly swamp rock rhythm section and surf guitar. Throughout the album the sleaze is poured on abundantly but the cake is taken when THE CRAMPS inquire “Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?” People Ain’t No Good” is an infectious dizzingly stomping heavy bass rocker with devilish female backing vocals that assist Lux Interior in menacingly spitting out his disdain for the human race. “Kizmiaz” features the assistance of Poison Ivy’s vocals and this mellow moment on the album sounds like a smutty version of THE CARPENTERS. “Corn-fed Dames” blows the psychorockabilly wind on the thick. Shut the door…you born in a barn? The ideas and sounds on this album definitely contain the hallmark stamp of the twisted deranged minds of THE CRAMPS. has a full overview of The Cramps discography.

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