Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tolaku - Summer band

Tolaku was a Taiwanese band that have taken the Japanese approximation of the English word "Truck" as their band name. The music of Tolaku was desribed to me as silly pop punk way back at the start of this decade. I ended up buying this album to check them out. I'm not sure about the silly part or even the punk part but there's definitely an alternative happy pop element bubbling under here.

I went to see this band when I finally worked out how I could get to the venues in Taipei but when I arrived where the band was playing I was told the show had sold out. Disappointing for me anyway as it was the first Taiwanese band I would have seen that played original material instead of the standard Bon Jovi and Coldplay covers. The album's worth lending your ears to in exchange for a small portion of your life.

The picture above is the back cover of the CD.


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