Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lord at Hole In The Wall

Above pic: Intergracia

Death metallers Morbid Angel were playing at the other end of the North Island when Australian power metal band Lord. Also on in town was Deathpunkfest but I'd seen most of the bands playing a number of times and all the bands playing at Wellington's Hole In the Wall were new to me. Hole in the Wall is now the name of the revamped Valve. It's been redecorated and it's obvious looking at the posters that the current owners are metal fans. There's a number of early Shihad posters, a huge poster of the Biohazard/Pantera show from the "The Great Southern Trendkill tour and a Death "Leprosy" poster.

First band up were locals Intergracia who arose from the ashes of the Opeth influenced Magnum Opus. Their vocal sound is much more on the melodic side. The band include the occassional flute and had a guest bagpiper for one song.

Next up were fellow locals Fallen Order who also played melodic metal but were more on the power metal side of the spectrum. Their vocal sound was somewhat stronger than Intergracia's.

Above pic: Fallen Order

Last up were Aussie band Lord. It's pretty clear that they're influenced by the likes of Iron Maiden, Queensryche and Helloween as they feature actual signing which seems a rarity around these parts for metal bands as the death grunter populaton currently outnumbers both sheep and possums. Here's the obligatory youtubage with rough and guts sound.

Below pic: Lord

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