Saturday, August 15, 2009


Playing Killing Joke's debut was one of those things that made me think of other connected things. Wardance made me think of Anthrax back when they all wore silly shorts, carried skateboards and talked about all the hardcore they listened to when by hardcore they actually meant Journey. I swore Anthrax also had a song called "Wardance". They don't as it was part of the song "Indians". It has been a few years.

Also with rugby season in full swing the haka also came to mind. This had me illogically searching for the Spice Girls' version but coming up empty and a better man for that.

Killing Joke

- Indians

High Priestess - High Priestess

Record Label: Ripple Music High Priestess are a recently new Los Angeles trio who play heavy psychedelic music. The band was formed...