Friday, September 11, 2009

Tonyall - New Girl, Old Story

A reader requested that I re-upped this Im happy to oblige and as most people don't make it past the first page of the blog or find whatever they're looking and leave. Here's what I said last time: "This album is a Descendents or ALL oddity. It features four members of both bands. In some ways that's not a hard feat considering some consider ALL to be The Descendents with a different singer.

TonyALL was an album made for Tony Lombardo (the bass player on The Descendents albums, I Don't Want To Grow Up and Milo Goes To College)
Tony Lombardo wrote all 12 songs on this album. He sings on five songs and his vocals are something of an acquired taste for the average rock fan. However Scott Reynolds(ALL singer at the time) sings on a five tracks and his voice is far easier on the ear. Bass player Karl Alvarez was Tony's replacement in ALL and The Descendents. Karl appears on the track Guitar Case which is possibly the strongest song on this album. Karl's vocals are melodic here and unlike his recent vocals on his Underminer project where years of smoking show their effect.

The song U R Super has a very fifties feel which is emphasized when Tony sings Scoobie Doo. The lyrics are the same style as ALL which are mostly cute songs about getting girls and losing girls. Download TonyALL's New Girl, Old Story here.

If you download this album please comment whether you think it's good or bad. "



dick said...

this is great thanks

Nazz Nomad said...

it's not a bad album, it certainly fits in the Descendents/All canon. Not crazy about the "joke" tunes like UR Super.
The bass is so great however. I am always so impressed how there is such a dependence on the higher "G" and "D" strings, when so much punk rock (including virtually everything that I myself play) is generally played onthe E and A strings.

that's for the hook up

analogmonkey said...

this album has one of the best songs ever. I like this record but most ALL fans would probly be disappointed because it doesn't really sound like what you'd expect. It's not for everybody but I dig it and so does my girlfriend.

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