Monday, December 28, 2009

Flesh D-vice- Secrets of the Estranged

The capital city that houses New Zealand's politician was also home to punk band, Flesh D-vice. This 1985 album was reviewed in the US punk fanzine, Maximum Rock and Roll by Pushead who stated: "Reminiscent of the first RED ROCKERS LP, this changes and burns with a strong medium-paced feel. Grinding twangs from the guitar are the focal point in the mix and the work's choice. Well-delivered with a fluid drive, the compositions are musically thought out and catch harmonious notes soon to bounce around the brain."
The band were looking for international release of this album according to this old MRR New Zealand scene report by Neil Cartwright.

This album is probably best known for containing the song "Flaming Soul" but that's hardly the only worthy song here. With songs titles such as "Legends of Lugosi" and "Science Faction" plus that cover you know these guys all have a healthy interest in horror.



Black Chrome said...

Hey man choice blog. The link above to the scene report doesnt work. Later

Anonymous said...

can you update the link of flesh d vice?

Stathis said...


can you please repost this LP?

Thank you very much
Efstathiou Stathis

Chris said...

Sorry, I can't as my record collection is in a different country to the one I live in.

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