Saturday, July 11, 2009

Articles of Faith - Core

I'll admit that I'm often late to the party. I discovered The Descendents during my tape trading days through hearing Dag Nasty's "Wig Out At Denko's" album. . The melody, speed and anger wasn't coming as a threesome through a whole lot of the speed metal records that I was buying because they were easier to learn about, more available in my town and less expensive than the always imported American hardcore. Before hearing "Wig Out" I hadn't really heard much Minor Threat either but that's another story. I could blame it on living in a small city or the fact that imported records were only a considered purchase if they turned up in Palmerston North's Cambridge Second Hand Book and Records shop where it was possible to hide that B'last album you really needed to hear simply because the cover appealed.

Even later my knowledge of much of the early to late eighties American hardcore scene was gleaned from the pages of the UK magazines Metal Hammer and Metal Forces. I remember them reviewing a record by a band called Jones Very, who like Bomb Disneyland and Nomeansno looked interesting. After searching several local record shops for these seemingly mythical albums I just filed Jones Very to the back of my mind. Not all that long ago I came across the world of music blogs and found a post containing Jones Very on Music ruined my life As you may have observed from the name of this post, this isn't about them but Articles of Faith who despite being an early 80's hardcore band are a recent discovery for me due to fellow music bloggers. Core collects all their stuff from 1981 to 1983 back when you thought Musical Youth and New Edition were the best bands ever.

The righteous trinity of melody, speed and anger.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


The Blood Divine were what happened in the mid-nineties when Anathema kicked their vocalist out. He ended up teaming up with a couple of former Cradle of Filth members. As you would expect the results are a gothic metal album featuring deep male vocal with very occassional female singing in the background.


Monday, July 6, 2009

New Zealand Second Wave Punk

There's a couple of videos of Unrestful Movements - Anti-trend on youtube. My personal favourite is this one which was played on Radio With Pictures. Karen Hay's nasally voice gives it away. Do Australian readers regularly buy RAM?
I remember buying a couple of issues in the late 80's and there were write-ups on The Celibate Rifles, V.Spy.V.Spy, The Triffids, The Go-Betweens and Midnight Oil. Rip It Up was the rock newspaper of choice in those days though being both local and free. I thought I was shoplifting when I first discovered it.

And thanks to our good friend at garageland. Here's Flesh D-vice who were going to play Deathpunkfest this year but ended up cancelling. Oddly I found one of their releases on an Oi RAC blog. This video still scares me. It would be interesting to know what horror movie was played on the Sunday horrors the night Radio With Pictures played the video.

High Priestess - High Priestess

Record Label: Ripple Music High Priestess are a recently new Los Angeles trio who play heavy psychedelic music. The band was formed...