Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rip Shit or Bust

Above pic: Not the album cover.

Pic of the Terrorways taken by Murray Cammick and stolen from Simon Grigg's website.

Here's Ripper Records final output from the year of 1983. Six New Zealands bands from two islands. Personal favourites are the Terrorways celebration of short haired rock and roll. Spelling Mistakes ode to Reena's non-facial lips title alone ensured it was never going to get commercial radio play. The shock value has worn off for me but the country tinged song still has the same naughty schoolboy appeal years after first hearing it.

Rip into it!


Roddus said...

woohoo, been loking for this for ages, had it on vinyl years ago. how could anyone forget "reena",spent many a drunken light hollering out the lyrics and the andriods, totally brillint and the excellent instigators, I had forgot that was on this. Well done for posting this longlost NZ classic EP.

Aerozol said...

Wow, this is a great album!

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