Friday, February 12, 2010

Grant Hart, SFBH Wellington, Friday 5 Feb, 2010

Above pic: Grant Hart

Below pic: Forcefields-Thanks to drummer Micheal for identifying this band

Arrived in time to catch the first support band who played a tight melodic aternative pop and they reminded me of Straitjacket Fits due to the vocals and guitar sound. Unfortunately I have no idea of their name or where they were from but know that they had an acetate for sale that I probably should have bought. Edit: The band are Forcefields.

Above pic: The Devil's Elbow

After a break of about half an hour or more The Devil's Elbow played. Why on earth did a two piece support band take so damned long to start? This band plays alt-country and listening to them I was reminded of one of the guys in New Zealand country band, The Warratahs saying in the cities they were hungry for country music but on the farms they desire the likes of AC/DC. I'm a dairy farmer's son so I found these guys not only boring and but also annoying due to their not starting earlier. I spent more time looking at my watch rather than watching the band. Good at what they dobut they're just not my homebrew batch of beer.

After another break and the time hitting 11:30 Grant Hart came on with just his guitar and played a mixture of his solo material and Husker Du tunes. "Don't Want to Know If You are Lonely" was a highlight. Before going I had been warned there was a 30 to 70 chance that Grant would call someone out for talking and during his Wellington set he called someone out for laughing at his lyrics. Grant spat with disdain from stage, "You're laughing at me. Am I entertaining to you? Am I like a clown to you?" Often requests were taken with Husker Du songs that were written by Bob Mould rejected. The clock hit 12:40. Grant Hart was still on stage and I had a train to catch home and didn't mind leaving even though I enjoyed what I heard and saw from Grant, I don't know if I would see him again. I really wish the bands hadn't taken long breaks so I could have caught Grant Hart 's full set as he was the reason I departed with my disposable income and bought a ticket and beer at the venue. The late finish contrast the previous weeks Them Crooked Vultures show which was sensibly over before 11:00 pm the previous night. Maybe the time the band or artists stop should be put on tickets as well as the times the doors open especially if they are likely to attract an older crowd.

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jeffen said...

Thanks for the review, you lucky man! (Sorry you missed part of the show though.)

Drummer Michael said...

Hey the "USB" were none other than Forcefields!

Chris said...

Thanks for that info, Drummer Michael. I really like those songs on the myspace player too.

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