Sunday, April 11, 2010

Inside Out

Here's some sugary fizzy pop from Aussie band Ratcat. I don't really know too much about the band although do remember their single "Don't Go" getting some limited commercial radio airplay back in the early nineties. However this album is entitled "Inside Out" and has a leopard yawning and poking his tongue out on the cover. Why is the leopard yawning and what is the connection to the album title? And what exactly is a ratcat? It's food for thought if you needed something to think about to pass the time in life's boring bits.

Making boring bits a little more interesting.

Best Of


MisterManiac said...

Good poppy Ramones-sounding tunes. Remember seeing them on MTV back in the day, and buying their Tingles ep. Picked up a few things over the years, but didn't have this one. Thanks for sharing.

YourZenMine said...

Tingles was probably the best Ratcat ever did. All I remember about them is the the lead singer/guitarist had an ego the size of a small city but couldn't really back it up with anything beyond a few decent singles.


psychedelian79 said...

Many thanks for posting this fantastic album by the band that made me start a band. Lost this CD many years ago. Been looking for this album all over the net.
Definitely The best band from Australia.
Simon Day rocks!!!
Big Kudos to The Small Takeover!!!

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