Thursday, April 29, 2010

Norman Bates and The Showerheads

My first encounter with New York punk band, Norman Bates and The Showerheads was way back in my tape trading days. On one side of the C-60 tape I received in the mail was some of the Stepping Stone to Insanity hardcore compilation and on the other side was New York band Norman Bates and The Showerheads. The band claimed to be influenced by Motorhead, AC/DC and the Dead Kennedys. At the time I saw precious little merit in the music of Lemmy and his cohorts but thought highly enough of the other two bands mentioned to give these guys a fair shake. I hardly ever listened to The Stepping Stone to Insanity side and wore out the rewind buttons on my radio/cassette player and imitation walkman.

Not only did these pscychos have an ass-kicking version of Jim Croce 's "Time In a Bottle but all there songs contained a powerful kick to the nether regions.

Thanks to the internet I later discovered that Norman Bates and The Showerheads put out their self-titled debut in 1989.

Here it is.


lynn said...

im into this band, i feel like people always hate on them!

jeffen said...

I recall them being a part of the scuzz rock that Mykel Board championed back in the late eighties in MRR.

Nice one.

convertido said...

I first heard them on the "Where the Wild Things are" comp and loved them. I missed picking up their LP years ago and now it'll cost you your left testicle to obtain a copy. Who needs two anyway?

Chris said...

It was cool how this received comments so quickly.

Jeffen, they're on a New York scum rock compilation. Fittingly, I discovered MRR towards the end of the 80's.

Lynn, nice to see your comment. I'd been unaware of how people felt about this band. My guess it is because they were the "rock" band on a hardcore compilation.

Convertido, I have trouble with my left and rights at the best of times so might end up with less than one.

YourZenMine said...

Love the name of the band but have not heard anything by them. Will have to check 'em out.


octaviomasarati said...

Greetings. Is there any way of re-upping the s/t Norman Bates & the Showerheads LP in 320?

Hell I would take any format to be honest. Thank you!

Chris said...

Sorry, my laptop which had these files plus most of the others hosted on the blog crashed and I've lost all of the music posted on the blog.

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