Thursday, May 13, 2010

Giorgio Maggiore - Radioanima

Around here, a well-packaged CD solicited for review often sends shivers down the spine due to a foreboding sense of dread. All too often the quality of the music is overshadowed by the quality of the packaging. Admittedly there are rare as hen’s teeth exceptions to the rule. After tearing the shrinkwrap off this disc I discovered that GIORGIO MAGGIORE , who plays the synth, drums, tambourine, bass, guitar and sings on this album, is a solo musician in the truest sense of the word. The music is ambient soundtrack fare.

The title track is divided up into three parts, two of which are dreary instrumentals. “Sperance Tradite” starts with lengthy and repetive keyboard tinkering before traveling to a more tranquil destination. Latin guitar in “La Porte” and Giorgio Italian accented crooning would appeal more to the elderly blue rinse brigade. The criteria used for judging albums on this site is based on the rock factor and from the opening track it’s clear that this disc would score higher on the snooze factor. This is an album for those who speak of Vangelis and Clannad in revered tones. It’s a perfect gift for someone who only listens to music as background noise.


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