Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Belated World Cup related youtubage

The football world cup is well over with Spain taking out the trophy and New Zealand being the unbeaten team. Since Spain were the winners and one of the better hard rock albums I received to review was by a Spanish band with the name the just rolls off the tongue, Uzzhuaia, I thought I'd post something by them here.

My review can be read here

As the world cup was held in the African continent. Here's Afrika Bambata paired up with Leftfield with the amazingly bizzare video to "Afrika Shox".

And with the All Whites being an umbeaten team here's some Sticky Filth from back in 1988, which was 6 years after the previous NZ world cup effort. The band got support slots with fellow longtimers G.B.H in October this year but Sticky Filth guitarist, Chris Snowden suffered head injuries and a coma recently after being hit by a car so all confirmed shows have sadly but understandably been cancelled.


Anonymous said...

Uzzhuaia? Seriously 4.5/5 ?
No way they deserve such good points... they're as creative and unique as that horse-faced Nickelback. Boybands like that don't deserve to see daylight, honestly.

Chris said...

Nickelback, now that's a unique and creative whipping boy.

I have AC/DC albums too.

High Priestess - High Priestess

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