Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On U2

U2 are playing two Auckland shows in the next few days. I saw U2 play in Wellington back in 1989 when they were touring "Rattle and Hum" with BB King and because I was used to small venue shows I felt disappointed by the lack of intimacy and the outdoors sound. I vowed never to see the band again even though I still liked a lot of their music. I confess that I haven't bought a U2 album since "All That You Can't Leave Behind" which I was listening to last night on my Ipod and realized that none of the songs really do anything for me anymore. The U2 I like existed in the eighties and lasted 4 albums if you exclude "Under A Blood Red Sky"(which served as my introduction to the band). I'll admit the Joshua Tree isn't a bad album but personally I never liked the final two songs unlike previous efforts where I liked every song.
Here's a couple of U2 songs that highly likely won't be played at the concert. The first one because it's dreadful and the second because it has more or less disappeared from their catalogue.

U2 are a band that divides opinion and I can leave them more easy than take them these days.


Joe Stumble said...

I like the first two U2 LPs. Cant stand them after that. But if I coulda gotten into the show last night for free I woulda cuz I think Jay-Z would have been pretty funny to see as an opener.

Chris said...

Since I rarely listen to the radio, I don't think I've ever heard Jay-Z.

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