Thursday, January 14, 2010

Looking back at 2009

While this blog keeps marching on into the new decade, a few notables that were much better mp3 blogs than the one your eyes are currently feasting on have sadly disappeared. The German blog Garageland aka Lick My Pussy Eddie Van Halen that had a lot of garage rock, punk and Flying Nun music sadly disappeared. Thanks to Jorge, his uploads are already appearing on this blog with more to come.

Nuclear Farmed Fuck Frogs disappeared after Bernard the Librarian sold all of his record collection. However the posts still exist and the files may still available. Bernard posted great stuff like Ed Gein's Car , Th'inbred, Shattered Faith and his flyer collection. Check it out by clicking on the link.

Kick the homeless started with a roar with stuff from demos from Dag Nasty, Metallica, Exodus, Testament and too much other good punk, hardcore and metal that it's difficult to remember all of it.

Out of print punk aka Record Collectors are Pretentious Assholes- has completely disappeared as a labels were asking them to remove material they were re-releasing. I remember seeing Sloppy Seconds album Destroyed there which was recently released with bonus tracks by Kid Tested records.

While these blogs have hit the dust - all the ones in the sidebar are still active - check them out. After all, they're linked for a reason. These people generally have good taste in music and are capable of writing about it. Most of the stuff they post is out of print. If you just want a blog with a new album to download and no explanation of its content- use google, dickbrain.

Another thing that sadly disappeared last year was Futoshi Abe, who thrashed the guitar for the Japanese garage rock band Thee Michelle Gun Elephant. Thanks to Jorge and Garageland, here is their Rumble EP.


To be continued:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rip Shit or Bust

Above pic: Not the album cover.

Pic of the Terrorways taken by Murray Cammick and stolen from Simon Grigg's website.

Here's Ripper Records final output from the year of 1983. Six New Zealands bands from two islands. Personal favourites are the Terrorways celebration of short haired rock and roll. Spelling Mistakes ode to Reena's non-facial lips title alone ensured it was never going to get commercial radio play. The shock value has worn off for me but the country tinged song still has the same naughty schoolboy appeal years after first hearing it.

Rip into it!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Double Happys

Here's one of Shayne Carter's pre-Straitjacket Fits recordings from a band named after fire crackers. This recording captures the band live and includes a couple of practice tracks. The pop splendour that was later finely hooned in Shayne's next band glimmers although there are definitely shining moments. The life of the double happys was cut short due to losing a band member in a train accident. The sense of humour and love of pop culture in that was present in Shayne's first band, Bored Games track Joe 90 is revisited in Big Fat Elvis


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