Thursday, March 10, 2011

D.O.A Bar Bodega Wellington March 5 2011

Decided pretty much at the last minute that seeing Canada's D.O.A was a worthwhile investment. On the other side of town a bunch of NZ bands were playing at the homegrown festival, the only name that caught my eye were Die! Die! Die! and The Clean and it was about four times the price of the touring international band.
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Arrived towards the end of Rogernomics set, who I walked out on due largely to not being in the mood for shouty type hardcore. Getting money from an ATM for potentially buying merchandise seemed like a better idea than standing around and watching a band I wasn't into.

Above: The Dead Scene

Next up were three piece band The Dead Scene. I dug these guys who seemed to make good use of two vocalists.

The drummer in Black Lick didn't need to alter his kit between The Dead Scene and Black Lick's set because he drums for both band. Black Lick opened with a song called horoscopes and due to fellow blogger, Brushback's commment that some of their early material was reminiscent of the Hard-Ons I couldn't help thinking the comparison was bang on for that particular song. Most people moved forward for these guys who later in the set threw out copies of their latest single. Didn't manage to get a copy.

Above: Black Lick

D.0.A. are basically Joey and two guys young enough to be his grandkids. I don't recall ever actually hearing a full D.O.A but much like The Vibrators. It turned out I knew a number of songs and Joey's stage presence mimicked those of Hendrix (playing the guitar with the teeth) and The Who period Pete Townshend(windmilling). The mixture of older and newer material worked well. An encore was played which included a version of Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues.


biopunk said...

D.O.A. is always worth it!

Nazz Nomad said...

yeah, D.O.A. vs (insert band here)- DOA wins!

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