Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mr Sterile Assembly - Transit

Mr Sterile Assembly have been knocking around for more than a few years now. The band define their genre as alternative/punk/experimental despite seeming a loose definition of sound defines the bands tunes on Transit accurately. First track "Hibakshu" has a strong Nomeansno style instrumentally. Mr Sterile Assembly take a seat in the experimental corner with brass instruments in "Jesus Heals The Blind" and combines male and female voices. Due to the combination of voices, social and political commentary remind me of NZ 80's bands Teeth and Thin Red Line. Also staying in the 80's is some rap from Dean Hapete from Upper Hutt Posse. Those unfamiliar with the aformentioned bands maybe should just imagine Crass jamming with a jazz band. The album can streamed and downloaded at the band's bandcamp site.


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Ouro azul said...

Visita e segue o nosso blog, e fica atento à escassez deste recurso natural!
Beijinhos, Ouro Azul.

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